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“A lot of people are still in awe of your speech yesterday. Unfortunately it takes a lot to get my attention but you did. Amazing, powerful stuff.”

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ActionCoach Business Coaching

“People said that you were the highlight of the 2 days! I couldn’t fault you Tony. I thought you were brilliant, and I have to say that Jordan and Holly are very lucky to have a Dad like you”

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Howard Jones, Digital Console Rental USA

 “I have been involved in many corporate events and have heard many different motivational speakers. I was truly moved by Tony’s presentation and the genuine, heartfelt way he put forth his story. I also enjoyed hanging with him after the event; he is a man’s man!”

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Belinda Smith

At the end of the day my head full of ideas, and things I needed to do for my business. 

 Your talk gave me the clarity I needed to refocus on what is really important,  Commitment – Persistence and Courage. 

That you really can accomplish anything with a “Can Do/Just Do it” attitude. 

I feel privileged to have shared time with you. 

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