Your ideas won’t work unless you do

I was born in Belmont, Lake Macquarie, NSW Australia about 2hrs drive north of Sydney Airport and I love having Belmont as my home base

Belmont sits on a narrow isthmus of land separating the Pacific Ocean and the largest salt water lake in the southern hemisphere, Lake Macquarie.

The “Lake” was my playground as a child learning to swim, fish, catch prawns, row a boat and do all the things kids do.

At age 11yrs I started sailing with my lifelong mentor, Bob Snape.

I am just “Tony from Belmont”

My family is from an underground coal mining heritage with my father going down the pit to work at 14 yrs. of age and spending the next 46 years working underground.

Mum was homemaker.

Both of my parents were, and continue to be (even though neither is alive) massive influences on my life. Their work ethic and adherence to family and social values (if I may say humbly) such as loyalty, trust and family have been passed on to me

I went to Belmont Infants School…Belmont Primary school…Belmont High School and the last time I took any formal education was at Belmont Technical College as an apprentice electrician spending 3 years working in the coal mining industry myself

At 14 yrs. of age for the 1st time I ventured out on to the open ocean and was hooked immediately as the very 1st swell rolled under the boat

In 1973 I sailed the 1st of 15 Sydney to Hobart races with the most recent one currently being in 2001

I have two beautiful children, Holly & Jordan to whom I am totally dedicated

A little while ago I was interviewed by a journalist who was looking for some behind the scenes info and here is part of that interview”:

Belmont is a nice place to live because?

Water is one of my passions in life and Lake Macquarie being in such close proximity to the ocean offers me two great options…..Hunter region people think differently to large city folk….much more down to earth here…..to me coming home to Belmont is like slipping on a nice comfortable pair of shoes

I can’t live without?

I can live without most things….

I live by the motto?

I have a lot of them….

”The train is leaving the station… do you want to get on? Oops too late!”


“For me it’s a race to do all the things I want to do before someone (i.e. the bank manager) or something (maybe my health) stops me”

The thing I regret not doing so far is?

Don’t have too many regrets….however pretty keen to simplify my life. Shake off all the veneers of BS and lead a more simplified existence….

Also need to finish my book

I should more often? 

Tell those around that are important to me how much I appreciate and love them PLUS I should be far more tolerant

I am addicted to?

Having a good fun time and my kids Holly & Jordan

I wish?

I didn’t have to worry about earning a dollar to keep the Bank happy every month when the mortgage is due

I treat myself to?

As much as I can!!!

My mate Murph says..”Tony, whatever you are going to do…start early in the day ‘cos if it feels good then you’ve got the rest of the day to keep doing it!!!”

So I do!!

My worst habit is?

Do I need to keep this section below 5000 words Ha Ha

Have plenty of em!!

My Favorite food is?

Nearly everything unfortunately and lots of it….Have a terrible sweet tooth and love hot chips!!  Beer is pretty good too

The book I am currently reading is?

2 actually…

a) Losing and finding myself on the Camino de Santiago… I’M OFF THEN”

b) Karlology by Karl Pilkington

I would love to travel to?

Back to Patagonia in Southern Chile (am addicted)

I loved Rome when I was there some years ago speaking. The history is something else.

Would like to travel through the European canal system up to Russia by boat

Back to Fiji and the south pacific islands

Anywhere really!!!!

My Message for the future of the world is?

Stop the stupid fighting and carrying on…we are all in this “thing” together……

My Tip for de-stressing is?

Just cut it out!!!!!!!!! Behave yourself!!! Ha Ha Unfortunately I’m a bad offender a lot of the time…

My favourite music is?

Easy listening Beach Boys, Eagles, Hotel California type 70’s 80’s era. Hate “head banging” stuff!!! 18mnths ago discovered Akon and particularly love his track “Freedom” Have a grab of the track as the ring tone on my mobile

Family is?

Absolutely number 1

My personal style is?

At times pretty ordinary Ha Ha ……Let’s say I’m definitely NOT debonair!!! Love holey old tee shirts and casual clothes.

My secret for success is?

It’s no secret….Work hard… Your ideas won’t work unless you do!!…Don’t take no for an answer…if you are 100% committed it is amazing what those around you will do to help you succeed, no matter what it is you are trying to achieve.

18 yrs old Tony Mowbray
Jordan and Holly
Carolyn & Tony at the office!
Tony - the look
Carolyn & Tony