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2006 to Present – Adventure Sailing Expeditions

In January 2004 standing on a dock at The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania Tony said in a television interview…”I want my kids to see an Iceberg”.

crossing finish line at end of Solo world trip

2000/01 Solo around the world

More people have been to outer space than have sailed solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world.

When the Navy found us in 1998 Sydney to Hobart race - image

1998 Sydney to Hobart race

On 26th December 1998 at 1pm the 115 strong fleet crossed the start line in Sydney Harbour in the annual Sydney to Hobart yacht trace.

Snow Survival Sept03 093

2003/2004 Mawsons Hut Antarctic Expedition

In December 2003 Tony and a team of four set sail for Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica. Their goal was to reach Mawson’s Hut, at Boat Harbour near Cape Dennison.

Australia seen from space - Earth daytime series (Elements of th

1994 Nonstop Around Australia

In April 1993 Tony barged through the back door at home in Belmont and said…”I’ve got this great idea!!!”

Sydney To Hobart Start

1994 50th Anniversary Sydney to Hobart race

The start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race is a sporting tradition in Australia.

2001 sydney to hobart we made it this time

2001 57th Sydney to Hobart Race

In 1998 Tony & his crew were taken to within a hairs breath of losing their lives in the fatal Sydney to Hobart race of that year.

trial-by-tasman cropped

2002 Trans-Tasman Solo Yacht Race

Held every four years since 1968, the Solo-Trans Tasman yacht race has attracted a wide cross section of interesting entrants…

1973 hobart Tony has all the hair

1973 1st Sydney to Hobart race

In 1973 at the age of 18 yrs. and 2 months Tony competed in his 1st Sydney to Hobart yacht.

Sunset at Squids Ink Jetty Belmont on Lake Macquarie.

1996 Sail for CanTeen 96

Over the years Tony has been the centre of influence or catalyst in raising well over $250,000 for various charities.

Kennards Hire Sail for Premmie Babies

2002 Kennards Hire Sail for Premmie Babies

For 7 days from the 30th March to the 6th April 2002 Tony and his mates Keith Molloy & Mitch Sovechles sailed his around the world solo yacht (affectionately known as ‘Sal’) for 7 days non-stop around Lake Macquarie.

Hydro Tasmania Three Peaks Race

A four day non-stop sailing and endurance mountain running event around the waterways of the magnificent North East & East coast of Tasmania.

Finishing 1st marathon in 1988 in a lot of pain

1988/1994 Marathon running/Triathlons

In 1986 Tony started jogging to help keep his weight down and before he knew it was lining up for a 5k fun run.