1998 Sydney to Hobart race

1998 Sydney to Hobart race

On 26th December 1998 at 1pm the 115 strong fleet crossed the start line in Sydney Harbour in the annual Sydney to Hobart yacht trace.

As Tony and his crew aboard his yacht, “Solo Globe Challenger” made their way up the harbour toward the open ocean not for one millisecond did any of those on  board realise that in a little over 24 hrs from that point they would all have to reach further within themselves then they had ever had cause to reach  before

A storm hit the fleet the next day more ferocious the any storm prior or since in the races history

Tony went to the very core of his soul. He found out what makes him tick.

Tony and his crew participated in the ultimate team building challenge.

To win was to live…….To lose was to die!!

In an epic 15 hour epic battle of life and death “Solo Globe Challenger” surfed down the face of a 60 foot wave upside down after a monumental knock down. In 160 km/hr cyclonic winds and killer waves tall enough to engulf a 10 story building, Tony “could see and smell death in the water”.

He says “the devil took me by the hand, led me to the edge of a huge precipice and made me stand there on tippy toes for 15 hours…he then allowed me to step back from the edge but tragically 6 men died”

Against the odds, Tony and his crew survived, albeit with a broken wrist, a broken leg, crushed rib cages, incapacitation by back inquires, head wounds etc. spread amongst the crew

3 crew of Tony’s were airlifted to a rescue chopper…2 more transferred to a warship.

Tony and the 2 remaining crew stayed on board to be the last boat retrieved and brought in to port…

His boat all but destroyed, he was physically spent, mentally near broken and severely traumatised.

The events of 26th December 1998 and onwards left an indelible imprint on Tony.

Tony produced a documentary of his Solo, 181 day Non-Stop and unassisted world circumnavigation which is inextricably linked to the Fatal 1998 Sydney to Hobart race and accordingly is featured in the documentary, “Solo Globe Challenge – Look it in the Eye” which may be acquired via the DVD’s/Collectables page

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