Is the glass half full…or half empty?    It’s NOT even a question!

Optika Summit 2004-2438

Tony is a speaker that closely interacts with the audience as he moves around the room. Audiences say they love his down to earth friendly approachable attitude.

Presentations outside of a main conference setting quite often require a different approach:


Dinner presentations usually call for a larger dose of humour and are more relaxed style BUT are still embedded with the relevant personal and corporate parallels surrounding goal setting, planning for success, teamwork, leadership, 100% commitment etc. that Tony’s addresses are synonymous with. Dinners usually run to a tight time schedule and to assist in that area Tony is very happy to speak to the clinking of cutlery. He also has a split presentation technique whereby he can deliver his presentation in two segments…a real crowd pleaser and time saver.

Delegates may have had a long day in the conference room in a learning environment taking in one too many PowerPoints! Now it is time to relax with the team…a reward for effort!


Breakfast presentations set the scene and the mood and tone for the day….energise the room…..get them set to take on that day’s challenges! Time to get the day up and running!!! A time for networking for attendees possibly? Lots of humour required but still loads of Tony’s examples of his life’s experiences and the learnings from them delivered in his presentation. Positive attitude V Negative attitude and the different results that will flow… Are you a participant or a spectator? Success does not come to you. YOU go to it! Goal setting (Can you make it through to morning tea and the Muffins? Ha ha)


Doses of humour once again required as lunches generally are in a more relaxed setting. Timing is often tight for a Lunch presentation so the delivery needs to be concise and timely but embedded with anecdotal stories of Tonys experiences linked subtly to the theme which may be:


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