No man or woman is an island….there are very things you can do on your own

“A lot of people are still in awe of your speech yesterday. Unfortunately it takes a lot to get my attention but you did. Amazing, powerful stuff.”


“To say I enjoyed your presentation is an understatement.  Your words truly spoke to me and the passion you showed for your children mirrors my own”

Barbara Bartell, VP Networking, MAXIMUS USA

“It’s not often you get to listen to someone who has such a clear message to deliver with such authenticity, raw passion and clarity, Thanks.”

Business Coaching Centre

“People said that you were the highlight of the 2 days! I couldn’t fault you Tony. I thought you were brilliant, and I have to say that Jordan and Holly are very lucky to have a Dad like you”

ActionCoach Business Coaching

 “I have been involved in many corporate events and have heard many different motivational speakers. I was truly moved by Tony’s presentation and the genuine, heartfelt way he put forth his story. I also enjoyed hanging with him after the event; he is a man’s man!”

Howard Jones, Digital Console Rental USA

“I have heard many guest speakers…he is by far the best I have ever heard”

GE Commercial

“His talk was one of the best hours of my life”

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

“Future generations will look at him as a benchmark for challenge”

AMP New Zealand

“Tony is a distinctively powerful man. It is rare that such strength can be drawn from the words of one individual”

Avenue Capital Management

At the end of the day my head full of ideas, and things I needed to do for my business. 

 Your talk gave me the clarity I needed to refocus on what is really important,  Commitment – Persistence and Courage. 

That you really can accomplish anything with a “Can Do/Just Do it” attitude. 

I feel privileged to have shared time with you. 

Belinda Smith

As I contemplated the breadth and depth of your messages, it occurred to me that you’ve short-changed yourself and those lucky enough to hear you speak of your experiences.
You’ve got another word; six not five. That sixth word is “complete”.  And boy, have you completed.

John Van, Heurck Fujitsu

As an MC……. The event was without doubt an outstanding success and we have been inundated with messages of congratulations. Your involvement was a major part of that success Your professionalism and the way you kept proceedings running moothly and to time was impressive and you delivered just the right mix of entertainment and information in a casual format which was perfect for the occasion prompting both discussion and reflection. I know you went out of your way to accommodate our needs and for that we are most grateful. It was a pleasure working with you Tony

David, Manager, 75th Anniversary Committee

The practical, meticulous and often humorous story that Tony weaves allows you to not only feel as if you are tacking through the huge seas with him, but also puts into perspective the fundamental steps needed to reach your goals. I recommend Tony Mowbray to anyone seeking an inspirational speaker.

Stephen Paul, Beachside Holiday Parks

What a wonderful experience and privilege being at the dinner last Monday and hearing you speak. I am back in Bangkok this week and I spoke at the Asia Business Forum conference

I am building a business in Asia in what is a tough market and even tougher if you are an outsider. But there is no way I am giving up! You have inspired me and I am going to pass this inspiration on.


The passion you bring to your story and the joys associated with “success” stirred the emotions of all in the room.

There was a lot of discussion amongst the delegates afterwards…many of commitment….most of the power of planning and team work…but all spoke of determination and achievement.

Stephen Garrett, Avenue Capital Management

As an MC who sees countless professional “motivational” speakers doing their stuff, it was nice and refreshing to see such a down to earth and genuinely inspirational speaker. A great job.

Tony, I will be recommending you to clients who are asking my advice for a unique, no bull sh.t speaker with something worthwhile to say

Andrew Klein, Impact Entertainers

Your talk was one of the best hours in my life. Hopefully you can visit us again to inspire more people to follow their dreams.

Bruce Jordan

I have never responded to a speaker before after 15 years in the business, but for some reason I felt I just wanted you to know how inspirational you are.

Mark Miller, Nationwide Digital Products

Tony, I have met people from all over the world, I have heard motivational speakers that command fees in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but I have never been as moved, motivated and inspired by anyone like you. To have the opportunity to spend time speaking with you outside the presentations was something I will never forget. Thank you for spending time with us and thank you for inspiring me to be better.”

Hewlett Packard, USA