Your attitude is contagious. Is yours worth catching?

A typical motivational/inspirational presentation by Tony is a human interest story with a lot of laughter and self-deprecation but loaded with a huge number of personal and corporate parallels of some of his incredible experiences.

Team work…goal setting…leadership …recognition ….100% commitment…. Planning for success…. positive attitude verses negative attitude…weathering the storm….break the big challenge down into a series of smaller challenges etc.

There is ABSOLUTELY no boring “Death by PowerPoint” with him!!!

Tony is about TAKE HOME VALUE!!! (plus loads of fun along the way!)

Tony wants delegates to walk away with something tangible and valuable that they can take back to their own environment and utilise to benefit them and those around them.

He is about many things but THE POWER OF COMMITMENT is high on his agenda….with 100%
commitment in whatever it is that you want to achieve you will get amazing results.

He has 5 words that he speaks about that apply to so many aspects of our lives…not just in the business realm…..but across the spectrum…our personal, family, social, sporting spheres

Those words are: DREAM… THINK… TALK… COMMIT… ACT!!!

One of the key events in his life and that of one of the teams he is a member of is their participation in the 1998 Sydney to Hobart yacht race…They had 3 men airlifted to a rescue chopper…2 more
transferred to a warship. Tony and the two remaining crew toughed it out on board to be the last boat retrieved and brought in to port…

6 men died…55 were rescued.

For 15 hours he thought he had found out how he was going to die!

He could see and smell death in the water.

He quite often refers to this and some of his other razor’s edge survival stories in a typical presentation.

There were lots of incredible lessons to be learnt surrounding


1 year and ten months later he had rebuilt the boat and sailed out of Newcastle Harbour.
He spent 181 days at sea continuously becoming just the 6th Australian to complete a solo, non-stop and unassisted circumnavigation of the world

Since 2003 he has been leading adventure sailing expeditions on his aptly named yacht, Commitment, taking people from all walks of life on the adventure and learning experience of a life time to Antarctica, Cape Horn and into the spectacularly wild and rugged glaciers and fjords of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

He places great importance on VALUE ADD!!

He does NOT arrive, speak and run…He is the opposite!!

Tony will spend a lot of time fact finding prior to attending your conference so that his presentation will be customised to dovetail seamlessly into the objectives of your conference

2001 sydney to hobart we made it this time
crossing finish line at end of Solo world trip
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