1994 Nonstop Around Australia

1994 Nonstop Around Australia

In April 1993 Tony barged through the back door at home in Belmont and said…”I’ve got this great idea!!!”

By March 1994 (11months later) he had purchased a 43ft yacht, found a sponsor in the form of Endeavour Credit Union and had put to good use their sponsorship along with whatever cash he could scrape together to refurbish the yacht Hunter Endeavour (Polaris)

In amongst all this his son Jordan was born in August 1993

In April 1994 Tony (Jordan was just 7 months old and daughter Holly 2 yrs. & 2 months) with his good mate (to this day) Morrie Morgan they set off from Newcastle Harbour and turned north attempting to complete the first two handed, nonstop & unassisted  circumnavigation of  Australia (including Tasmania)

They rocketed up the East Coast arriving at the northern tip of Australia, Cape York ahead of schedule

The wheels fell off crossing the northern coast of Australia as the wind deserted them.

Then as they moved down the NW coast of Western Australia Cyclone Vivien hunted the duo down day by day ….stalking them and finally catching up with them

The Darwin weather bureau at the time described the sea state whipped up by the cyclone as “High to Phenomenal”…a lovely day out!

Across the Southern Ocean under Australia they “bare poled” (no sails up) for some time in tough conditions.

Finally after 54 days at sea with just each other for company they sailed back into Newcastle harbour with the job done!

Their efforts were dedicated to raising funds and awareness for Hunter Life Education to help in their efforts to make young children more aware of the dangers of drugs (both illicit and legal) and alcohol..

$30,000 was raised