1996 Sail for CanTeen 96

1996 Sail for CanTeen ‘96

Over the years Tony has been the centre of influence or catalyst in raising well over $250,000 for various charities

A large number of people seek his advice as to how they might help a charitable cause and he always passes on 2 key messages apart from any other advice…

  1. It will be a LOT of hard work
  1. At the end of your effort you will humbly feel pretty good about your efforts

CanTeen is a wonderful organisation providing support for young people aged 14-24 yrs. living with cancer plus they provide support for their sibling’s, parents and family.

For those of you aware of Camp Quality which provide similar services for those younger than 14yrs, CanTeen is the next step in the journey for those living with cancer

They do an amazing job!

In 1996 Tony committed to doing something to give CanTeen a hand and thus Sail for CanTeen ’96 was born.

The Challenge:

  1. Set a course on Lake Macquarie at the Northern, Western, Southern and Eastern extremities and then Tony & two mates sail non-stop night and day around that 50k/m course
  2. Use this activity to promote awareness of and raise funds for Canteen

Along with his great mates Keir Enderby & Vince Bezzina, using Vince’s 42ft yacht “Struth” they set off on a Saturday in February 1996 and successfully sailed non-stop for 7 days and nights completing the challenge they had conceived, created and accepted

The adventure was interspersed with severe storms, otherwise glorious weather, severe fatigue and many a long night carefully guiding the yacht in and around the various rocky headlands and peninsulas that form the shoreline of Lake Macquarie 

By week’s end both goals had been achieved with a huge amount of media coverage and the trio were the catalyst for raising over $25,000

Good on you CanTeen!!! Keep up the great work!!