1973 1st Sydney to Hobart race

1973 1st Sydney to Hobart race

In 1973 at the age of 18 yrs. and 2 months Tony competed in his 1st Sydney to Hobart yacht.

At 630 nautical miles in length it has long been regarded as one of the three toughest ocean races in the world.

As the junior member of only a 5 man crew on a tiny little 30ft Carmen class yacht “Cardinal Puff” tony had his first real taste of adventure.

Owner skipper Peter Rundle and the other crew took the “young fella” under their wing imparting valuable knowledge and skills that Tony would build upon in years to come standing him in good stead.

Peter Rundle’s never say die attitude and will to excel was a valuable learning for a young Tony

Tony’s total of Sydney to Hobart races is 15 with the last one in 2001

18 yrs old Tony Mowbray