1994 50th Anniversary Sydney to Hobart race

1994 50th Anniversary Sydney to Hobart race

The start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race is a sporting tradition in Australia.

Starting at 1pm every Boxing Day since the inaugural race way back in 1945 (Just as World War II came to a close) it is the yacht race that the majority of Australians take an interest in even if they have never been on a yacht

The 630 nautical trek (pilgrimage for many) every year has long been acknowledged as one of the three three toughest ocean race in the world and is a complex challenge of boat, equipment and human endeavor

The very 1st race in 1945 had just 9 starters and back then some of the fleet used to send position reports back by carrier pigeon! What would those competitors think of fancy satellite phones and such these days?

In April 1994 Morrie Morgan & Tony completed the 1st 2 handed nonstop and unassisted circumnavigation of Australia spending 54 day at sea

The major corporate sponsor of that adventure was The Endeavour Credit Union and at the conclusion of the around Australia adventure they suggested to Tony that he might like to represent them in the iconic and celebratory 50th Hobart race that December

Of Course!!!!

He took on the challenge and so on 26th December 1994 along with 370 other boats and crew Tony and his team sailed up Sydney harbour, turned right at Sydney heads, kept the land on the right and raced their way to Hobart. Off on another adventure!

When Polaris (Hunter Endeavour) crossed the finish line a little over 4 days later it was s special moment in all the crew’s lives. It is an indescribable feeling. You have to experience it to understand it

Usually the race attracts around an average of 100 entrants per year.

1994 attracted a record fleet by far…317 starters with 309 finishing

Tony receives many requests asking how a person might gain a crew berth on a Sydney to Hobart race.

If you have a desire to “do a Hobart” then feel free to contact him

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