1988/1994 Marathon running/Triathlons

1988/1994 Marathon running/Triathlons

In 1986 Tony started jogging to help keep his weight down and before he knew it was lining up for a 5k fun run.

Then, with his addictive personality it was onto a 10k run

Then, before he knew it he lined up for start of the Gold Coast Marathon in 1988.

For his debut 42.2km marathon he finished in a time of 3hrs 37mins and 8 seconds (don’t forget the seconds ha ha)

The last 10k really hurt but he was not to be thwarted

Tony was never going to challenge the winners but was entirely happy to make up the numbers

He got hooked on fresh air!

Next was the Canberra Marathon ……3hours 17minutes….pretty!

He then set himself for the Gold Coast run again, training the house down…. doing up to 140km a week running….. quite often twice a day

Weight was no longer a problem tipping the scales at a very trim (for him) 78kgs

He “blew up” in the next marathon and subsequently never did another one instead gravitating to triathlons   

He competed in approx. 40 triathlons at the then standard length of 1.5km swim…a 40km bike ride followed up by a 10km run

In 1994 Triathlons had to make room for more serious adventure

Finishing 1st marathon in 1988 in a lot of pain