2000/01 Solo around the world

2000/01 Solo around the world

Solo Globe Challenge 2000

More people have been to outer space than have sailed solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world

On 15th October 2000 Tony sailed out of Newcastle harbour and the spent the next 181 days at sea continuously on his own to become just the 6th Australian at that time to sail solo, non-stop & unassisted around the world.

He sailed back in on 14th April 2001

In the 181 days at sea he only saw land for a total of 3 days

He did not see another human being for 181 days

The adventure took 4.5 years from the day of commitment by Tony until he crossed the finish line

The web site for that adventure is and has been archived with no changes since 2001 for historical significance.

Tony produced a documentary of his Solo, 181 day Non-Stop and unassisted world circumnavigation called  “Solo Globe Challenge – Look it in the Eye” which may be acquired via the DVD’s/Collectables page