2002 Kennards Hire Sail for Premmie Babies

2002 Kennards Hire Sail for Premmie Babies

For 7 days from the 30th March to the 6th April 2002 Tony and his mates Keith Molloy & Mitch Sovechles sailed his around the world solo yacht (affectionately known as ‘Sal’) for 7 days non-stop around Lake Macquarie.

The non-stop sail and subsequent “Peoples Party for Premmie Babies” held on the Saturday night at the end of the week was a continuation of fundraising for the John Hunter Children’s Hospital.

At the completion of Team Mowbray’s efforts a total of $180,000 was raised for the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Since 1993 Tony has raised over $250,000 for charity.
“I tried it and now I am hooked!
Are you game to start thinking … How can I help?”

The Challenge
Set a course on Lake Macquarie and sail continuously for seven days and nights completing the event with a spectacular “Peoples Party for Premmie Babies” raising as much money as possible for the John Hunter Children’s Hospital NICU.

This event was a continuation of the specific task to purchase Vital Signs Systems Monitors to help give Premature Babies a better shot at life. There were 13 of these units desperately needed, at a cost of $18,000 each. With the money raised 10 units were purchased with each unit giving these little wonders a chance at life.