People want to be a part of a team that is simply having a go!!!!

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Leadership Workshops/Forums

Tony provides Leadership workshops and forums of varying lengths, embracing various content with each workshop/forum individually customised to the client’s needs

A workshop may be conducted for established leaders who need a refresher or an adjustment of leadership style in a fast paced, changing environment.

Tony works closely with corporations that have identified EMERGING LEADERS running leadership forums and workshops to assist them with their career growth as leaders or potential leaders

He spends a lot of time prior to each workshop gaining an in depth understanding of the desired outcomes and then works very hard to achieve those outcomes for his clients

Quite often he will deliver a keynote motivational/inspirational presentation in the morning…..then the delegates may attend other conference sessions having time to reflect upon Tony’s presentation absorbing key points more deeply

Then later that day or the next, Tony will facilitate the group in a workshop/forum  focusing on what is relevant to them…drilling down more deeply and analysing the elements of his presentation that they feel have synergy with them….

In these sessions they may well examine more deeply elements such as  ……..

As a leader you must make a decision. Sometimes it might not be right but MAKE the decision! Team members do not respect and value a leader or a team member who will not make a decision!

People gravitate to what they do well!!!

Encourage your team members to work to their strengths……any team where all the individuals are working to their strengths the overall result is almost guaranteed

People want to be a part of a team that is simply having a go!!!!

All members of the team must be benefitting….if there are 9 members to a team and 8 are benefiting and just one is not then it is only a matter of time,  not if…. but when… the 9th person will act to break down the dynamics of the team

Sub groups can be productive but some are counterproductive….as a leader keep a wary eye for negative impact sub groups

Strength in numbers,,, encourage your team to step outside their comfort zone on a regular basis until it becomes a habit ….the team will experience a collective feeling of achievement and wellbeing that is like a drug and is contagious…however it cannot be  bought…be given to you or you cannot inherit it…you have to go get it for yourself and when you get it doesn’t it feel good…as demonstrated by winning teams euphoric outpourings on the football field etc….same rules and principals… just a different example!

Use the term “WE” not “I”

As a leader your attitude is contagious….. Is yours worth catching???

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