Energise the room!

Opening or closing a conference differs from a breakfast presentation, training session, workshop or team building

Tony’s approach when opening a conference is quite often similar to….

We have gathered here together for everyone’s collective benefit…over the next few days you may well be presented with new information…you may well be challenged both individually and collectively ….stretch targets might be put forward etc.

Tony shows them how to embrace change or to take on board new ideas or concepts…learn from their peers…free up their minds….soak it up like a sponge.

Settle in for a great day or two

Closing a conference in so many ways is the reverse case scenario to opening…

We have been gathered here for 2 days …you have been exposed to all sorts of new information…new ideas…budgets…targets…been challenged etc.

You will walk away from this conference with valuable information that you can choose to work with….that can benefit you personally and your team immeasurably

Tony helps them understand how to take home the value and put it to good use

Tony wants to have delegates walk out the room determined to achieve!

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