One team, one direction

Optika Summit 2004-2564

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things……Together!!

Different people performing different tasks with different skill levels and attitudes present management with a key challenge. How do you identify, develop and bring together the strengths of your individuals to maximise team performance and profitability?

One team, One Direction

The greatest resource available to management is the human resource and the greatest challenge with that resource is gaining maximum return from that investment. One option is to provide on-going training, increasing skills and knowledge. Another might be offering incentive programs inviting staff to strive for monetary or other material rewards.

These can help with the individual, but how do you develop the team as a whole?

Tony provides a range of customised team building challenges with the key focus on developing strong, positive and productive teams. He will put your people into a challenging but safe environment showing them how to identify and nurture individual and team strengths.

They are “us” challenges not “I” challenges

Tony Mowbray’s credentials as an expert on team building have been established over more than 20 years. In 1998, Tony and his team sat the ultimate test and passed with distinction. Many team building experts have developed methods based on studies and theories but few have faced the real test that confronted this team.

To win was to live…… to lose was to die

That magnificent team effort saw men with snapped legs, smashed rib cages, serious head wounds and the ever present fear of death, meet the challenge that nature had thrown down to them. Ordinary men, bashed, bruised and mentally taken right to the edge had achieved the extraordinary, TOGETHER.

Tony Mowbray’s Team Building won’t take you this close to the edge, but they will give you and your team members the tools to go out there and make it happen!

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